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Poster: Chris Keating Date: Dec 24, 2011 9:19pm
Forum: movies Subject: Corrupted download

Downloaded the mpeg-1 version of this item - - several times, and can't get any player I've tried to play more than the first eleven seconds. The completed download is always listed at 183 mb, which corresponds to the size of the file as stated on the item's page.

I've downloaded in both IE and Firefox - same result. It won't play on my computer in QuickTime - error -2408 ("Not a file type QuickTime understands"), and the item won't load when the QuickTime link on its page is clicked. Windows Media Player plays the first eleven seconds (by which time the status bar is all the way across to the right), then portions of the remainder play at high speed, minus sound.

The various video editing programs I've opened the file in only recognise it as an eleven second file.

And, naturally, the crappy mpeg-4 version works just fine...

Any chance of the mpeg-1 file being fixed / replaced, or perhaps a link to a non-corrupted version?

Many thanks in advance (and Merry Christmas!)!

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Poster: beep* Date: Dec 24, 2011 10:51pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Corrupted download

I tried it and see what you mean. VLC plays the entire 5:25 file but the counter stays at 11 seconds, indicating some sort of corruption I suppose. I have gone through several video files that QuickTime won't recognize and then VLC will always play them. You might try it.

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Poster: Chris Keating Date: Dec 24, 2011 11:03pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Corrupted download

Many thanks for the speedy reply!

Yes, I've downloaded VLC, and it plays fine in that, but I downloaded the file specifically so I could edit the clips into individual files for research purposes (ewhich I can't do in VLC) - if I only want to watch it, I can do that on the item's page...

But, at least someone's been able to replicate the problem, so I know it wasn't just me overdoing the Christmas cheer!

Thanks for looking into the matter - much appreciated!